About us - Riga Drikung

The Buddhist Community Drikung Kagyu - as an assembly of practitioners of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, was formed in the end of 1980s. In the beginning of 1990s the first official community (religious organization) was registered following instructions of our teacher and spiritual guide H.E. Nubpa Rinpoche.

Riga Ngaden - it is a short name of Riga Drikung Ngaden Choling

The name – Riga Ngaden Drikung Choling – was also granted by Nubpa Rinpoche on July 18, 2010 – during retreat dedicated to the teachings of the FiveFold Path of Mahamudra. The community name – Riga Ngaden Drikung Choling means – enormous joy (Riga), instructions of the Five- Fold path of Mahamudra (Ngaden) and spiritual center Drikung (Drikung Choling). Riga Ngaden Drikung Choling - is an ideological successor of the previous communities which, developing and ceasing, found their continuation in each other, one after the other.

In our activities we strive to find a balance in activities: teachings, retreats and weekly practices. We invite real masters of meditation and connoisseurs of theory. We invite both recognized masters of Drikung Kagyu and masters of other traditions. We accept all Buddhist knowledge from different schools and directions, but in practice we try to adhere to the tradition of Drikung Kagyu.

Although the community does not profit from teachings and does not have a sponsor, all the daily practices at the center are open and free. However, keeping the center is associated with certain fixed costs. All offerings and donations go to the payment of expenses and organization of teachings (transport, accommodation, offerings to teachers, interpreters, etc.). All such events are non-profitable. In effort to maintain activities and reasonably organize expenses, the Latvian community Riga Drikung tries to cover current costs from voluntary donations. Your financial support is always gratefully accepted. The community does not adhere to the practice of continuous contributions of certain amounts. But only encourages activities in any form, seeing donations for maintenance of the community as realization of personal practice of six perfections (paramitas). More information about the community activities can be found on our Facebook page.

The community is an official member of international network of Drikung Kagyu Centers (see details). Our center supports various international activities: we invite teachers together with sanghas of other countries and help to organize big events. We are always happy to share information and experience available to us in Dharma practices or center management.

In 2012, the Riga Drikung community opened the Center of Buddism Culture and Meditation at Tērbatas street 74, Riga, Latvia. We invite you to attend our centre in days of practices (classes). The center is opened half an hour before practices and half an hour afterwards. For more details see event calendar and how to find us. We are looking forward to seeing new practitioners and guests.